Handkerchief Paper


Handkerchief Paper has become one of the essential consumer goods in modern life because of its good water absorption, soft feel, clean, easy to use and carry. So what are its classifications? Today, boxed tissue suppliers and you briefly introduce the simple classification of tissue.

At present, handkerchief and napkin are mainly paper.

The facial tissue usually consists of 2-3 layers, which are folded into 50-300 puffs. When it is put into a box, one sheet is taken out and the next one is taken out. It is widely used in public places such as hotels and families, which is very convenient.

Paper napkins usually consist of 2-3 layers, and some have only one layer. After embossing and folding, they are rectangular or square, and appear in the form of flexible packaging. It is a paper product used by restaurants, restaurants and families when people eat.

The paper handkerchief is folded into rectangle or square by 2-4 layers. 8-12 paper handkerchief is assembled into small packing bag instead of handkerchief. It is convenient and sanitary to take it with you

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