misuse of toilet paper can endanger health


Tissue paper is closely related to our health. When purchasing toilet paper, we have to purchase it in many ways to make careful choices for our health, and we should pay attention to it when using it!

First of all, we have to choose qualified toilet paper, and we also need to pay attention to some details of use, for example, toilet paper does not equal napkins. Napkins are disposable, and toilet paper is often made from recycled paper. If you use toilet paper as a napkin, it can cause bacterial infection. Especially when using a toilet paper to wipe the mouth, it will increase the chance of getting sick from the mouth, and should not pay attention to hygiene.

Toilet paper is always in your pocket. Many people put paper in their pockets for a long time, even with money and keys. This kind of paper has a lot of bacteria. Even if it is used to wipe sweat, it may cause skin allergies, erythema, pimples, etc. It can’t be used to rub the eyes, otherwise it will cause conjunctival infection.

It is forbidden to wipe fruits with toilet paper. Many toilet papers are not thoroughly disinfected. They carry Escherichia coli, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria, fungi, hepatitis B virus, etc. The fillers and powders left on tableware and fruits will have adverse effects on health.

There is also the time to buy toilet paper, do not “covet” the white of toilet paper. Toilet paper is not as white as possible. The original color of the paper is not pure white. If the color of the toilet paper is too white, it means that a lot of bleach or other chemical materials are added during the production process. These additives contain compound benzene. Some poor quality toilet papers also contain formaldehyde and large intestine. Bacillus, hepatitis virus, etc. Long-term contact with these substances may cause leukemia and cancer.

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