Napkins, facial tissues and handkerchiefs are all tissue papers. What’s the difference between them?


It should be said that the sanitary standards of tissue paper are the same. Napkin, facial tissue paper and handkerchief paper are almost the same, there is no difference. There are only differences in folding, packaging and use occasions. For example, paper towels are usually used in boxes at home and office, We call it facial tissue; while paper towels in small bags are often used outside, We call it pocket tissue. paper towels is used in restaurant, we call it napkin.

About the thickness we called the gsm of each sheets of the paper, form the thin one is 11gsm,12gsm,13gsm,14gsm,15gsm, to 25gsm.The most thinest is 11gsm and the heaviest gsm(gram) is 25gsm .


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