How to choose a good wet wipe?


tissue paper are an essential item in our daily lives. Because it is convenient and quick, and has a disinfecting effect, we are also used to replace tissue paper with wet wipes. How to choose a good wet tissue? Let’s talk about it:

1.Put the wipe on the side of the nose and gently smell it. If it is a high-quality wipe, we will smell a soft and elegant taste, it is not irritating. If it is a pack of inferior wet wipes, we will feel a noticeable pungent smell when we smell it.

2.High-quality wipes are made of high-quality raw materials, and we can see that the non-woven fabric is white and free of any impurities. The inferior wet wipes have poor raw materials. We can see that there are obvious impurities on the top. The high-quality wet wipes will not have obvious fluffing during use, and the inferior wet wipes have obvious fluffing during use.

3.After removing the wet wipes, if the mold has been moldy on the wet wipes and the mold is long, do not use the wipes. If you feel the skin is irritating during the use of the wet wipes, the feeling of itching and pain should be stopped immediately to avoid further harm.

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