don’t use those tissue paper


For the health of you and your family, please choose the high quality of toilet tissue paper, don’t be sloppy, but small things can determine your health. The following 4 types of toilet paper cannot be used.

(1)Being puffing
In order to increase the volume of paper, a large amount of bulking agent is added to the raw material like popcorn, and the toilet paper produced is particularly large, which creates an illusion for the consumer – “the amount of such toilet paper is large and soft”, but it is used. The effect is particularly poor, the pulling force is very small, and there is almost no water absorption.

(2)Too white in the color
In order to cater to the psychology of consumers and improve the whiteness of paper, some manufacturers use fluorescent whitening agents in production, while fluorescent whitening agents are a kind of compound organic compound with carcinogenic effect; second, use a large amount of bleaching powder. The internal fibers of the paper are seriously damaged, the pulling force of the paper is particularly small, and there is no strength, and the amount of use is significantly increased.

(3)Adding a lot of talcum powder
Some production units have added talc powder to the production process of toilet paper in order to reduce the cost. In order to increase the retention rate of talcum powder and add starch, the weight of the paper towel is heavy, the appearance is small, and the price is cheap but it is very difficult to use.

(4)with strange odor
Some manufacturers produce raw materials for toilet paper mainly wheat straw and tertiary waste paper. The bacteria are seriously over-standard and have to use a large amount of chemicals for disinfection. However, no matter what measures are taken, the odor in the paper can not be removed. Cause a variety of diseases.

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