the important to product tissue paper with safety


Tissue paper is the important things in our daily life.Its shape has a single square shape, this is called kerchief or facial tissue paper, but also rolled into the shape of a cylinder, this is called roll tissue paper. They are generally made of cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, and waste paper pulp. The good quality cleaning paper is made of virgin wood pulp. It is similar to the general paper making process, and only needs to be made very thin and extremely weak. The intention is to rot out when encountering water and to reach environmental protection.

Whether the toilet paper is healthy or not, the raw materials used are the first step. It is also the choice of paper-making pulp. Nowadays, many common toilet papers in shopping malls are recycled with recycled paper. Because the price is cheap and full of shopping malls, it damages the well-being of many consumers. It is not allowed to process toilet paper; it has a wide range of pulp materials, including used cleaning towels, newspapers and other waste papers. After being bleached, it is illegally produced by some small processing factories or black dens, and finally distributed to the mall. . This act is irritating and more irritating, suggesting that the vast consumers will refuse to purchase such toilet paper for their own well-being.

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