the first thinking of producting tissue paper is the health


Everyone knows that tissue paper is an indispensable paper type in people’s lives. It has a large demand and a broad market prospect. Some tissue manufacturers have seen the situation and a large number of large-scale production. In order to reduce the cost of production, these manufacturers will use some recycle cheap paper. After the waste paper is deinked, a substance such as a bleaching agent is added as a raw material for production, and the white toilet paper of low price is produced. As everyone knows, although this paper is cheap, it is extremely harmful to the human body, causing harm to the respiratory system and the visual system, and is the point of induction of cancer. Therefore, for some consumers with high demand, it is very necessary to choose a good tissue manufacturer, not only related to their own honor quality, but also to the health of consumers. So Bright Paper Co.,Ltd. is using of the international standards to produce toilet paper, quality assurance, products are exported to all over the world. Welcome dealers to purchase with confidence.

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