the development of tissue paper in China


Tissue paper is one of the indispensable paper species of our daily life.
Before the paper appeared and was cheap enough to be used for wiping, the post-toilet cleaning materials used by people included water, cloth, leaves, corn cobs, and wood chips.

Two thousand years ago, Cai Lun invented paper and changed the history of writing. In the 19th century, wood pulp was used to make paper. It can be seen that the development of toilet paper has a long history.

In the 41st movie of “Dream of Red Mansions”, Liu Wei suddenly felt that he had to diarrhea in Daguanyuan, so he “frankly took a little girl and asked for two pieces of paper to undress”, indicating that it is common for civilians in the Qing Dynasty to wipe paper. However, in the early years of China, people’s livelihood was generally poor. Many people still use tiles or corn stalks to remove pollution, and gradually change back to paper after the economy recovers.

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