the best tissue paper


Box paper towels can be divided into three categories: primary pulp paper, wood pulp paper, and straw pulp paper. So, what paper towel is good?

The best boxed paper towels should contain 100% virgin pulp.
In other words, it is made with 100% virgin pulp, without adding any magazine toilet paper. When we buy toilet paper, we must first look at the original pulp that is written on the bag. If the above is 50%, 30%… then the paper is returned to the field and other things are added.
the wood pulp paper
If you don’t want to buy that expensive paper, consider wood pulp paper. Toilet paper contains 50% wood pulp, which is a general toilet paper. If you want to buy 100% wood pulp paper, it is very difficult, because the average paper mill will not use 100% wood pulp.
you can also choose the straw paper
Followed by paper made of straw pulp, if you do not want to buy too expensive, but want to buy clean toilet paper, you can only buy 100% of straw paper, although it is 100%, but the quality of toilet paper is still relatively poor, but can It is guaranteed that if the paper is made in a regular factory, the paper is absolutely hygienic. The only bad thing is that the paper on the paper is very thick and looks unsightly. It is recommended that you buy toilet paper and buy it at the mall.

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