how to clean up the toilet paper scraps


Toilet tissue paper is an indispensable item in our lives, but sometimes toilet paper will bring us some trouble.
For example, when the clothes are static, a lot of toilet paper scraps will stick on the cloths,and it is hard to remove those scraps.
today we will share some ways to solve this problem.
Hey or dry it up and beat. When the clothes are dry, use them to dry them up, use hangers or other sticks, and hit the clothes. After knocking, take off the force and rub it as if you want to dry the clothes. It can remove a large part of the debris.
To use wide tape. Presumably there are still some “rooted” scraps. At this time, you can use a wide tape to get rid of it and tear it off. This cycle repeats this action, and it quickly removes a lot of scraps.

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